Once apon a time there was a kingdom in the land of sir water. There is a very strange cave just outside the kingdom. The king sent his best knights to go to the cave and see what is is it. the knights began to march to the cave then flying out of a cave came a giant bat. They still went inti the cave. Suddenly they saw a creature that looks very strange! the knights fought the beast ran they followed him. There was a portal at the end of the cave. they tried to stop it. But all of a sudden out of the portal came a hairy black horned bear bear creature it walked on two legs and had an axe and a sword. they fought for hours. 10 knights against 1 creature 5 knights died. then all of a sudden the portal closed and then sucked them in it. When they came out 2 knights remained they ran to the entrance. then the bat they saw came back and took them to the nest. A week later the kingdome came to see what was going on in the cave. Then a wizard apeared out of nowhereand said surrender your kingdome or die. the king said and what army. the wizard said this army the army had 20,000 goblins 2,000 sorcerers and 100 dragons. The kingdom stood no chance because in total in everything they only had 2,000 knights 5 cannons and a 5 foot thick wall. but still the king said attack! the knights atacked but stood no chance they aimed for the wizard but when they got close he casted a spell. the kingdom stood no chance.the kingdom was teeeorized by monsters. And that was just the start of the invasion. Now what do the kingdoms do?

A hero's Journey